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Best Wines on a Budget

We are going to talk about inexpensive wines that are cheap enough for you to buy by the case. Wines that are meant to drink for casual affairs usually don’t age well so stick with newer vintages. According to Holden most whites and roses are meant to drink fresh. This is important if you are buying the most recent vintage, or a year prior to. In other words you aren’t getting a bargain by buying the $12 bottle 2005 Rose.


If you don’t want a hangover the next day your wine should be low in alcohol content. If you are have a couple of glasses during the week you should stick to the wines that are 12% to 14% alcohol content. This will keep the headache at bay and maybe the upset stomach. Buy a few cases at a cheap price and buy a favorite.


The experts say spend about $15.00 a bottle for wine. This should bring you a good quality and using a 20% discount, a $15 bottle will be $12 and a party.




A fuller bodied rose from South Africa is offered in Mulderbosch 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Rose coastal region. $14.00 will get you a dry mouthwatering acidity with raspberry and orange/grapefruit flavors.



This bottle of $12 wine is Aia Vecchia Vermentino Toscana IGT has a melon flavor, with plump, round, and minerally with pear flavor.


At $20 a bottle Arnaldo Caprai 2013 Grechetto Colli Martani DOC has a clean feel to it with pear, mineral and olive oil flavors. This would be a good addition to a meal of seafood or poultry.


Columbia Crest 2014 H3 Sauvignon Blanc Horse Heaven Hills has a $15 bottle that should say springtime fresh on the label. It shows citrus and stone fruit couched in a clean pleasing mouthfeel giving it wide appeal.


A crisp white with herb, mineral and citrus flavor is just the right thing for the raw bar for $13 by Dourthe 2013 La Grande Cuvee Bordeaux AOC .


For a taste of summer and $19 you can buy Hanna 2014 Sauvignon Blanc Russian River Valley. This is a white wine that has a peach and pear flavor NS smooth river-rock feel.


This wine Santa Cristina 2014 Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie for $12 a bottle has a bright green apple and grapefruit flavors. This is a good everyday wine at a good price.



Chateau Saint-Sulpice 2012 Bordeaux AOC at $15 a bottle has a red fruit nutty earthy smell with a nice mocha note on the finish. 70% Merlot with one to drink for dinner.


Enrique Mendoza 2012 La Tremenda Monastrell Alicante at $12 a bottle has an herbal accent to the cherry/blackberry fruit with spice. An easy Spanish wine to go with your favorite tapas bar.


For $20 a bottle you can celebrate with La Follette 2013 Pinot Noir North Coast that has a California style with a soft feel with berry and cherry flavors.


Well balanced and easy to drink is Masseria Li Veli 2013 Passamante Negroamaro Salice DOC at $13 a bottle. This has a tangy berry-basket flavor and has a nice quality at a bargain price.


With an Old World soul this Qupe 2012 Syrah Central Coast $20 California Syrah with an Old World soul. It consists of big, juicy, black and purple fruit with earth, clay, smoke/mocha, and fresh herbal nuances.